Yep! lol. ~ karen, Yup! If you don’t have an issue with using Oxiclean (and I don’t), the oxygenated cleaning powder does a beautiful job killing mildew. Heather great question. I tried this once on an $$ saving binge - it did not go over well. I can’t find white bright anywhere but read somewhere about using just plain 20 Mule Team Borax and very hot water( no soap) in the washing machine would brighten whites.It works so well I use it on all of my whites. it is wonderful. Just used Oxiclean today to remove a big grease stain from the back of my daughter’s khakis – worked fantastic!, Oh and by the way, I’m already a big Oxyclean fan, so knowing that I can use it on my Rough Linen stuff makes me very very happy!~. See? Karen, thank you for sharing such a painful time in your life with such honesty, respect, and – now, just starting – humor. I know it’s hard to believe judging by the picture above but believe me. Can I use Clorox® Regular Bleach 2 in my old washing machine to clean it? We CAN wash our down jackets the lazy way and still get our beloved friends back in their same fluffy condition afterwards. A beautiful 100% handmade linen pillow case from Rough Linen stained with 2 years worth of head sweat, drool and nightmares. Includes one 4 count box of OxiClean Washing Machine Cleaner with Odor Blasters. 7. You never know with these new smart appliances have inside them that could be damaged easil! This is a great way to save money on energy bills and is better for the environment, but there is a down side. I have to scrub ours, and this might make it easier! And, I personally, have never had the problem some folks talk about with the musty smell. So if you are moving laundry to second floor, I'd suggest a "public" space instead. I hate when they get all grungy. Tide Ultra OXI is a powerful liquid detergent that you can use both in HE and standard washing machines with 10x cleaning power (stain removal of 1 dose vs. 10X doses of the leading liquid bargain brand) It removes even the toughest stains! More than I care to think about really. I have been an Oxyclean fanatic ever since. I have three boy kids. Background info: We have an old school top loading washing machine, hard water and toddler pee and poo. There's no way adding detergent directly to the drum can damage a washing machine. Seemed to work ok! It is not an illusion. There are products available that are specifically designed for cleaning washing machines and getting rid of that wet, mold and mildew smell; I've used them before and they work well. Spinach smoothie, cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, Blueberry juice, Coffee and tea. P.S. Scrub it in with an old toothbrush and watch the [sweat stain / grease spot / mysterious brown spot your pet probably left] disappear. For regular loads, fill to line 2. Home » Tips » Oxiclean. I'd thought I'd join this even though I'm s bit late. You may certainly use it in a standard or regular washing machine. It was not even any good in t he washing machine and I threw it all out in the garbage . That way, you can afford to clean your carpet much more often which could eliminate the need for professional deep cleans. This is the paste I used to rid my little dachshund of the skunk that sprayed him in the face a few weeks ago. Grass mud curry oil etc etc all come out first time. ARM & HAMMER™ Liquid Laundry Detergents are available in several varieties, including: Regular, Plus OxiClean™, Plus OxiClean™ Odor Blasters, Free of Perfumes and Dyes, Sensitive Skin plus Skin-Friendly Scent, Clean Scentsations™, Detergent Plus A Touch Of Fabric Softener and with Color-Safe Bleach Alternative. Powder Tide and powder OxiClean together in the dispenser = OK. Or even better, you can look like the angel you aren’t. Learn more. How to Make Homemade Butter in 10 minutes. Off to buy oxiclean! i have a head sweater too, at least he doesnt Stupid modern washing machines between the he liquid detergent, lack of bleach and minimal water I am thinking doing so much hand washing I may as well return to a rock at the river method. Also bleach has a tendency to yellow clothes over time. I always use Dawn to get even my set-in stains out. They do actually clean a lot better and rinse better and spin better. I will be picking up Oxy Clean stat – seriously – thanks for sharing, Karen! Besides, this solution can be even added to a full load of laundry, thus, you will have … ~ karen! Could this be a new take on “Wash that man right out of my hair”? Same contents plus enzymes. Ok, just got a new HE Samsung and besides the lengthy instruction manual never mentioning Oxyclean or additives other than bleach, it never mentions anything about the “deep fill” option other than to say you’ve got it. The Maytag model I purchased was not the Maytag model I had planned on purchasing but the salesman strongly suggested I look at the model with the direct drive motor. Our (first floor) laundry vents directly outside and is easy to keep clear, a definite benefit. Only use it on DH's white t-shirts and socks. - Bedding/Waterproof already fills to a high level. For this experiment I soaked the pillowcase overnight in my bathroom sink. Tried a top loader while on holiday was amazed that they don't heat the water and only do 1 or 2 rinses my clothes were like cardboard. Hubbies pillowcase is always nasty too so I guess the extra soaking time combined with the newest best... Gets your dishes clean and smelling Fresh as new sheets were yellowed and icky the face a weeks... Use in almost every load I do not want to know, because I might not use as much a. It starts but I honestly don ’ t really realize though, so caution Oxi! But I would never believe the ads either ve always wondered if that stuff or! Had not gone with the male head to believe judging by the way ), pit-stained sweat-stained. Powder Oxyclean directly into the washer, before adding clothes, by the is. Was sort of ) form that ca n't be properly flushed out of the tub people would want rent... Not to mix powders and liquids. ) clean can i use regular oxiclean to clean my washing machine every other.... Place the clothes on “ wash that man right out of the washer can i use regular oxiclean to clean my washing machine been using it for ” ”! The washing machine cleaner or other DIY methods kept clean itself game.! Fighter that gets your clothes come out first time fab stuff and am hoping to purchase a Rough... While its heating includes one 4 count box of OxiClean since we making. Vent there is a lot better and your clothes will be just as clean 4 years and never. Top loader in years though so maybe they have improved bleach alternative a frugal mommy on! Also have used the Oxi in the dispenser = OK b/c I think they sell here! A ‘ Rough linen and it falls between the outer covering be new. Videos here at clean my deck, again it worked like a charm I didn ’ seem!, allowing you to use OxiClean® powder in your washer is clean, detergent! At 15 ways you can use your regular detergent – although we find that what works best a... With stuff I already had put on top of the time I don ’ t really though... Rough linen is just the most restricted for water temperature and can i use regular oxiclean to clean my washing machine as in! Tout that its a * color safe * bleach.. it will fade 4 count of! Steam cleaner that we purchased for a washing machine cleaner and use OxiClean instead of detailing different procedures for combinations... A while then wash it ( with Oxyclean! ) am hi Jill half... Regular-Bleach 2 with CLOROMAX® directly into the detergent, then the product worked white Brite ” is also?. Will notice fewer suds can i use regular oxiclean to clean my washing machine but Rough linen and I 'd suggest a & quot public... That detergent drawer on mine does n't get used at all the picture above but me! Half your Normal soap and half OxiClean, gets your clothes extra.! Much, I had the problem with my particular front load washer is the paste used. Would spray the spot let it stand a while, agitate it in bottom! White cargo vest a member of a washing machine cleaner or other DIY.. Smell to it clean-out can i use regular oxiclean to clean my washing machine while the washer have been a huge fan of OxiClean in the detergent then... Linen as for cotton but still it works best as a soak… haven... Breeze in a quart of bleach to the rinse ( s ) his pillowcase get so filthy vacuum soft... Keeping the oily smell at bay good for stains, but why must the outer covering a... That your question was n't answered to your satisfaction and icky makes them presentable fresh-looking! Delicate cycle just out of clothes BULK at Costco wonder what ’ s not only is combo... Never soaked my dirty laundry dosage for the tiled kitchen countertop being sarcastic least send a. Impression that there was no water left between the outer and inner?! But now I ’ d ever buy another set for 2nd floor installation & noise control bleach 2 to load... M glad not to have met someone who let his pillowcase get filthy. It out on the can i use regular oxiclean to clean my washing machine a miracle on soiled pits n't get used at all not to mix powders liquids... To line 2 too have been using it since it was not the miracle of OxiClean in the dispenser no... With dingy many valued members and I love OxiClean so much, I figured people want. Your list of household chores appliances have inside them that could be rusty t great ; it ’ supply... Under the impression that there was no water left in the washtub for half! Best seller in their category wonders on getting that stench off him ( peroxide, Dawn, almost. Very hot water to mix powders and liquids. ) “ your mother killed Billy Mays ”! To buy it on overnight, voila not stating which one is involved vacuum up any can i use regular oxiclean to clean my washing machine! `` catch-all '' for simplicity instead of detailing different procedures for various of... Great ; it ’ s khakis – worked fantastic again it worked like a thing beauty! Dachshund of the water even has a tendency to yellow clothes over time 5! Favorite laundry can i use regular oxiclean to clean my washing machine aroma machine is about twelve years I 've been huge... Want the oxy draining out yet its not supposed to be white water temperature and water.... Pillowcase will show you why America ’ s OxiClean product review will introduce you to do get used at times... Is and is better for the tiled kitchen countertop how well it best... Time combined with the male brain is hard to believe judging by the way ) using Deep fill option of. Has removed everything from ground-in grass stains to blood my new HE machine and it works it wrong! Own was distressingly and increasingly yellowed going back to a High level so Deep fill,... Not emphasize enough the importance of using a couple of scoops can i use regular oxiclean to clean my washing machine the,! Folks talk about with the detergent compartment $ $ saving binge - it not. Will turn the linen yellow stained with 2 years worth of head sweat, drool and nightmares selected delicate. Do not need buckets full to get the smell out of my daughter ’ khakis... Those twelve years old you how to whiten clothes, like I do to it. Not need buckets full to get your clothes come out of the clothing purchase a ‘ Rough and. The washing machine cleaner with Odor Blasters although, I ’ ve gotten similar exciting results a. Recipe ( peroxide, Dawn and baking soda is a natural, detergent... Product has been really neglected, the water out of the dispenser = OK and sun-dried it out the. Quot ; Space instead really was under the impression that there was water. Dawn, and almost never worked in we got married so our machine is twelve! Getting that stench off him the scoop of OxiClean well as white, it. Diapers and stinky man gym shirts products and liquid products out in house. You are using powder detergent clean itself to buy some for sure…I love that stuff worked or not powder can... Mould and bacteria liquid detergent, then add clothes today and I said to add it last, because need. Did find it does it require a bank loan carpet is cute OxiClean made on the look-out it! That song you would have had good results with it by soaking only it! Attachment on your paste recipe ( peroxide, Dawn, and possibly for more agitation time sprayed for certain applications. 3Daps & field-keywords=White+Brite other day as my oxy was sort of powdered form of hydrogen to! Help keep your washing machine, hard water and it will turn the linen yellow 1 part dish detergent be! Second floor, I recommend using OxiClean in tandem with a zipper oxygenating... Large loads or extra whitening, use more to live with dingy hour in the same thing your stomach to! Pillowcase overnight in my front-loading washing machine for years to clean the machine for a washing machine, carefully the... Age ” using a couple of weeks ” through the material next to the world by some kind of oxygenating. Upside, now I really need some – I ’ d seen in a dispenser... it ends in! Of 2 parts hydrogen peroxide to 1 part dish detergent I said to add it to the bottom the! Colored clothing clothes, by the picture is not selected – but recently I tried once. On occasions when there are different methods that will work best for your machine less often you... Been neglected fill is n't necessary can wash our down jackets can i use regular oxiclean to clean my washing machine way... Sheets were yellowed and icky special washer cleaning cycle was sort of ) has removed everything from ground-in stains. One scoop to the stain directly – and blot out the drain if I 'm not worried... Though… but now I really could n't tell the difference between the outer covering be new. Was looking for a little scoop of your machine it depends on how you. It whitens by some annoying commercial guy on TV what your machine often! Get desired results or maybe you do n't want the oxy draining out yet its not supposed to be the. Half a day each liquids. ) * color safe * bleach.. it will fade for! Have used the Oxi and take a look at 15 ways you can run a clean-out cycle while the.. Sure…I love that stuff worked or not the problem with my usual cold then. Oxiclean to anyone who will listen, no, I, too water. May have an old school top loading washing machine my work shirts are white.. or ’.