Whether or not you are a pet owner, the Onslow County Code of Ordinances (with respect to animals) outline requirements that must be observed by its residents. North Carolina Courts » Counties & Cities of North Carolina » Code of Federal Regulations » This is a chronological listing of the ordinances of the county used in this Code. Latest version. Box 128 Jacksonville, NC 28541 Phone: 910 938-5200 TDD: 910 455-8852 North Carolina Administrative Code. 153A-344.1 and the Onslow County Zoning Ordinance. The following note shall appear on the plat: "No additional lots, including the resubdivision of the lots served by the access easement and utility, shall be permitted unless the access and utility easement is upgraded to meet or exceed the standards of the Onslow County Subdivision Ordinance. City of Jacksonville P.O. "; Onslow County: Code of Ordinances CODE COMPARATIVE TABLE . The project is the first comprehensive update of the city’s zoning ordinance since its adoption in 1972, although a number of revisions have been made to the ordinance … Section 2. Onslow County Planning & Development Department Onslow County Government Center - 1st Floor 234 Northwest Corridor Boulevard Jacksonville, NC 28540 Phone: 910-455-3661 Fax: 910-989-3195 Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm 302 S Wilmington Street PO Box 245 Richlands, NC 28574. Repealed or superseded laws and any omitted materials are not reflected in this table. At the time that the landowner submits an application for a subdivision plat or Special Use Permit, the landowner must declare in writing using a form provided by Onslow County for that purpose that he is seeking to acquire a vested right pursuant to G.S. The Onslow County Board of Commissioners may, on its own motion, upon recommendation of the Planning Board, or upon petition by an interested person who is a citizen or landowner of Onslow County, may, amend, modify or repeal the regulations or district boundaries established by this Ordinance. 910.324.3301. The Code entitled "Code of Ordinances, Onslow County, North Carolina," published by Municipal Code Corporation consisting of Chapters 1 through 15, each inclusive, is adopted. UDO Background. Onslow County Code of Ordinances (Chapter 4, Article 1) Ordinances are legislations (rules) enacted by municipal authorities. In 2007 the City of Jacksonville embarked on a Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) project. Duplin County Adult Business Ordinance --- Effective August 1, 1996 E911 Ordinance --- Effective April 26, 1999 Emergency Management Disaster Relief & Assist --- Effective March 21, 1983 Establish Planning Board Ordinance --- Effective January 3, 2017 Falcom Cable Ordinance --- Effective February 16, 1998 Zoning Documents for Town of Richlands. 1 ONSLOW COUNTY SUMMARY OF ZONING ORDINANCE Permitted (P) – These uses require a Zoning Permit which will be issued at the time of the issuance of Town Hall is open Monday through Friday from 8 until 5pm.